Being an Honors Graduate in 2011 from the Academy for Massage Therapy Training in San Antonio, I have a passion for learning and advancement.  I am an intuitive and highly skilled professional therapist who takes the time to read and research different medical conditions that seem to afflict the people in my life.  I have learned and incorporate a wide variety of massage modalities into my practice creating the most customized and effective service for each client's individual needs.

Among the various modalities one may experience in their massage are the popular techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, and reflexology.  My more advanced training in the field has offered a wider scope of practice from neuromuscular massage, myofascial release, pre-natal massage, orthopedic massage, and medical massage therapy.  The combination of various techniques create a euphoric massage experience that is an incredibly beneficial part of one's health and wellness program to living with less pain and a better, happier quality of life.

Since beginning my studies in the field of massage therapy, I have read and watched countless hours of studies and reference material pertaining to my field.  As I said, I'm passionate about learning and when new information comes my way I have to know about it, what causes it, and how to use massage therapy to aid and abate the symptoms causing the pain.  "To Improve is to Change, so to be Perfect is to have Changed often."


Continued Education Courses/ Seminars:

    6 hrs:  How Massage can benefit those with Chronic Illness
    6 hrs:  Low Back Pain -- What is it and how to help it?
    6 hrs:  Releasing the Rotator Cuff -- Massage Therapy                            perspective
    6 hrs:  Total approach for treating Neck and Scapular                        disorders
    4 hrs:  Insurance and Reimbursement
    8 hrs:  NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy) for Cervical Strain &                Sprain
    8 hrs:  NMT for Low Back & Hip Pain
    4 hrs:  Postural Distortion
    8 hrs:  NMT for Upper Extremities
    8 hrs:  NMT for Lower Extremities
    6 hrs:  Effective Treatments for Sciatica
    20 hrs:  Deep Massage I (Lauterstein-Conway technique)
    20 hrs:  Myofascial Release I (John F Barnes' technique)
    24 hrs:  Qi Gong 

All of these seminars and additional certifications cannot speak for the invaluable time spent reading and studying on topics related to illnesses and injuries that have crossed my table over the years.  And though I spend much of my time in my practice, I have also found great reward having volunteered in the past with Hope Hospice for 4 years.  I love being able to give back to my community and to work with so many amazing people who unselfishly share their time and energy to give back to a local organization that benefits patients and their families on a very personal and deep level.