How often should I get a massage?

This is a common question and the same answer does not apply to each individual.  If you are simply trying to maintain a basic regimen, then a monthly massage is a good option.  If you are in pain and have a specific nagging problem area, then you will probably want to come in more regularly until the problem muscle can be released.  

Why do my sinuses shut down during a massage?

When laying in the prone position (face down), the sinuses will drain and may become clogged.  Aromatherapy like camphor and eucalyptus can help to promote clear breathing passages.

Do your hands ever get tired?

This question always comes from people that show a lot of empathy.  A good massage therapist knows how to use the different tools that they possess to balance their own body and to avoid over-stressing their hands.  It is sweet of you who ask, but a massage is time carved out for you specifically.  So relax, lay back, and enjoy the focused attention while shutting down all the stresses of the day to day.