195 E Coll St is celebrating it's 170 year birthday!  This house has a long history in New Braunfels and is recognized as a historical landmark  home with the New Braunfels Historical Society.   The house was constructed by German immigrant Carl Stock, who's name may not have carried through to today's New Braunfels genealogy pool since he and his family's lives ended tragically in the cholera epidemic of 1847 .  The style of construction called fachwerk still exists though, and is commonly seen on many exterior walls of Germany's Bavarian homes.  Fachwerk wraps these interior walls, giving the space a warmth and beauty that gives pause for a moment so one can take it in the unique space.  
    Walking in is like stepping back in time when woodwork and stone were the only real elements available for construction.  The Carl Stock house is nestled cozily on the corner lot of Comal Avenue and Coll Street in the historic district.  Its proximity to the beautiful Comal River allows you to enjoy the age old pastime of people watching!  Sit back on the lazy porch in the front or the hideaway patio in the back and relax under the mature pecan trees and enjoy the cool Comal breeze.