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"THE FACHWERKS"      90 minutes: $150

                                            120 minutes: $195

    Just as the name implies, this is the house specialty and the works!  You choose whatever massage modality you want and are comfortable with, whether its a relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage, joint mobility and bodywork, trigger point therapy to focus in on a problem area, or something in between, we'll talk about it in the consultation so you can rest assured you'll get exactly what your aching muscles need.   The Fachwerks is a customized massage that introduces different thermo-therapeutic heating elements from head to toe; hot stones for the whole body, a moist heat pack for the back, and hot steam towels for tired feet.  You'll also get the benefit of different pain analgesics that continue to aid in relieving muscle tension even after you leave the spa.   Aromatherapy has a wide array of benefits and can be specially chosen by you if you have  a special request, or a combination will be chosen based on your specific ailments.  The aromatherapy steam will waft the massage room throughout the session and fill the air with the healing benefits of essential oils.   A euphoric experience!

        LA STONE MASSAGE         90 minutes:  $165

                                                          120 minutes:  $205

  A massage to heighten the senses!  La Stone massage begins with massage and gentle stretching to awaken the muscle tissue.  As the session develops, over 50 hot stones and over a dozen chilled stones are introduced to the different chakra channels and key muscle groups.  Heated stones and chilled stones are alternated to relax and invigorate the muscle tissue.  This is a whole body stone massage that is specially designed to bring about a chemical release in the body's systems aiding in detoxification.  Relaxing and refreshing! 


            DEEP                         30 minutes:  $60

           TISSUE                      60 minutes:  $95

                                                90 minutes:  $135

                                                120 minutes:  $185

    A service for those experiencing pain or for those who like “that hurts so good” feeling during a massage.  Deep tissue massage accesses the deeper layers of muscular tissue offering a fuller sense of relaxation to the layers of muscle tissue.  

            SWEDISH                  30 minutes:  $50

            MASSAGE                 60 minutes:  $85

                                                 90 minutes:  $115


     Relaxation for the mind and relief for general muscular tension.  Swedish techniques do not involve the deeper layers of the soft tissue, yet it is still a highly beneficial massage to help aid in circulation and relaxation.

              SPORTS                    30 minutes:  $60

            MASSAGE                  60 minutes:  $95

                                                  90 minutes:  $135

                                                  120 minutes:  $185

    This is massage to help athletes of every kind, even those that are not in the gym, yet still physically active.  Sports massage helps the individual to perform better and aids in muscle recovery.  This type of specially designed massage spotlights the focus on the area of the body that endures the most impact through deep tissue and trigger point work, as well as stretching.  A sports massage has been proven to promote flexibility, reduce muscle fatigue, improve endurance, help prevent injuries, and prepare the body and mind for optimal performance.

            PRENATAL                 30 minutes:  $55

            MASSAGE                   60 minutes:  $90

    Expecting mothers can rest their tired minds and bodies and allow this time to relax in the side-lying position with soft pillows and extra cushioning for support.  Massage therapy while a woman is pregnant is now believed to have many health benefits like reducing swelling, aiding in hormone regulation, reducing depression, improving nerve pain, reducing back pain, reducing joint pain, improving circulation, and aiding in better sleep.  This therapeutic approach is a wonderful way to assist and take charge of your health and wellness for the better.






 Aromatherapy Steam


 Hot Stones   


 Steam Treatment for Feet


 Mud Masque Treatment

(for the Back)


 Cupping Massage (Myofascial Release)


 **Aromatherapy Foot Soak (>20 Min)  


 ** Aromatic Body Salt Glow (>30 Min)


 ** Uplifting Caffeine Facial (>30 Min)


            ** Allow for extra time added to your service.**